[tor-dev] Tor Messenger recent IRC re-topic.

Beard CryptoWorld beard at cryptoworld.is
Mon May 7 23:52:43 UTC 2018


Alright thanks for this. We'll do a mix bag here.

We felt that just having attached docs isn't going to cut it since we do 
have existing tech for this.
So here are some Github Links

Updated Version 2 URL: https://github.com/crypto-world/quik/tree/v2-rew
v2-Spec sheet URL: 

We've been messing with this idea for a while now, and we feel that 
something like this needs to come out. We're a small tight knit team 
with core aligned values as Orgs like The Tor Project, and the EFF, and 
with that we're looking to "partner up" with said Org's.

If The Tor Project or the EFF would like to partner up on this we'd be 
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
~ beard

On 05/07/2018 07:04 AM, Sukhbir Singh wrote:
> Hi,
>> Hello Everyone,
>> We briefly talked about this idea of taking over Tor Messenger, a long with
>> our own ideas and were asked to mail in some Documentation/Roadmaps. I'm
>> asking in what form would you guys like to see this in?
>> Basically:
>> Would you like us to add a .txt as an attachment in a follow up email?
>> Or would it be better to host the files on our site, and allow people to
>> read without subject to downloading anything?
> You can email the proposal to the mailing list.
> Thanks,

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