[tor-dev] Proposal: Tor bandwidth measurements document format

juga juga at riseup.net
Sun May 6 20:54:00 UTC 2018

> Hi Nick,
>> Suggestion: Add a field to hold the Ed25519 Identity of the relay being
>> measured.  Say that implementations SHOULD include both RSA fingerprint
>> and Ed25519 identity, and that implementations SHOULD accept lines that
>> contain at least one of them.
> Suggestion: the ed25519 IDs should be base64 encoded, without a trailing =, because a trailing = makes the format ambiguous.

You're talking about the certificate, right?.
This would change the concept of "line", since the certificate is more
than one "line".

This is how it is defined in dir-list-spec.txt

base64-encoded-ed25519-identity :== "-----BEGIN ED25519 CERT-----" NL
    certificate "-----END ED25519 CERT-----" NL

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