[tor-dev] Is OutboundBindAddress respected during ORPort IP auto detection?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 21:15:22 UTC 2018

It seems that each function in a network app that
- listens to the net, should have an independantly
configurable inbound ip and port.
- talks out to the net, should have an independantly
configurable source ip and port.

And when there are multiple interfaces / NAT,
address metadata and metainfo are sometimes
needed for both others and self.

A reachability test would have both listen and talk
config parameters, and even meta needs.

Like most tools of its vintage, tor started with few knobs,
configurability often came slowly as use case bugs.

'Address' might have multi role of...
- default network interface chooser
- embed this metadata in communications / consensus for others
- for self, tell daemon who it is, where to reach self, etc

'Address' is not documented as supporting IPv6.

Seems in the above may be what you're seeing.
Maybe some more config abstraction or docs would help.

'self-test' and 'reachab' appear a few times
in limited context in the manpage.

BTW: Hyphenating these two will conform the entire
codebase to the 'self-test' form for those searching it...

tor-    /* XXX IPv6 self testing */
tor-  /* XXX IPv6 self testing */

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