[tor-dev] [Win32] crash in test/bench.exe

Gisle Vanem gisle.vanem at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 14:05:27 UTC 2018

isis agora lovecruft wrote:

> Thanks for the bug report and the patch!  I've made #25479 [0] for this.
> Can I ask what version of Windows you were running the benchmarks on?  

Windows-10 (v1701). 64-bit.

> It seems like it might possibly have been due to differences in behaviours
> between various Windows flavours in the InitializeCriticalSection() function
> [1] (which was being called from tor_mutex_init(), itself called from
> init_logging())?

I don't think 'init_logging()' is calling 'atomic_counter_init()' with
the correct AC, but maybe an unrelated mutex. Hence the crash.

Calling 'init_protocol_warning_severity_level()' initialises the
correct (and needed) AC 'protocol_warning_severity_level'.


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