[tor-dev] Consensus-health single-relay data

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Wed Mar 7 17:22:14 UTC 2018

teor suggested the other day that it'd be really useful to be able to
see the vote data for a single relay; since the _entire_ detailed page
is huge and unwieldy.

I've been pondering how I could support this without complicating the
server, which results in a few constraints:
a) I really don't want to create one file per-relay
b) I really don't want to make any server-side logic, I'd like to keep
it as static HTML and client-side javascript.  (With the client-side
javascript optional for most of the information.)

I think I can make something work using AJAX and Range requests
though. Before I fly forward with that though, I wanted to understand
a bit more about the use cases where one wants to see per-relay vote

The biggest question I have for you teor (and anyone else who wants to
chime in) is how do you know what relay you want the information for?
Do you know the fingerprint?

If so, I could try adding a text box at the bottom of the index page
saying "Supply a fingerprint, and I will populate vote data for this
relay inline".


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