[tor-dev] Sandboxed Tor Browser should be officially developed

juanjo juanjo at avanix.es
Sat Jun 16 16:01:04 UTC 2018

I do not understand why Sandboxed Tor Browser is now deprecated when it 
should be the new thing in security features. It works well and stopped 
already some 0days in the past and today I see that not only is 
officially "*WARNING: Active development is on indefinite hiatus"* 
the last commit is from 3 months ago, but still it works well. And today 
I see that for the Firefox 60 ESR this support will be removed 

Is there a hidden agenda to allow LEA/governments to exploit Tor Browser 
users easily? Because I don't think maintaining the sandboxed version is 
that much work and it is a great protection for many users.

So please, make Sandboxed Tor Browser an official thing.

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