[tor-dev] Upcoming changes to CSV files provided by Tor Metrics

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Jul 31 14:50:16 UTC 2018

Hello tor-dev@,

today we finally published specifications [0] for the per-graph CSV
files that we added to Tor Metrics earlier this year.

At the same time we're announcing two upcoming changes to CSV files
provided by Tor Metrics:

 - August 15: We're going to make the first batch of changes to
per-graph CSV files marked as "Suggested change" on the linked page. If
you're currently working with per-graph CSV files, you should watch out
for those changes. We're tracking these changes on #26998 [1].

 - September 15: We're going to remove pre-aggregated CSV files after
providing working alternatives with the per-graph CSV files for all use
cases we thought of or that were brought to our attention. If you're
currently working with pre-aggregated CSV files, you should consider
switching after August 15 but before September 15. The relevant ticket
for this change is #27000 [2].

Please direct any questions or comments to the metrics-team@ mailing
list [3] or comment on either of the two tickets mentioned above.

All the best,

 [0] https://metrics.torproject.org/stats.html
 [1] https://bugs.torproject.org/26998
 [2] https://bugs.torproject.org/27000
 [3] https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/metrics-team

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