[tor-dev] Update on Guardian Project Pluggable Transport work

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Thu Dec 13 20:28:00 UTC 2018

The Guardian Project "PLUTO" project is our name for the work we're
doing around Pluggable Transports.  If you want to follow this work more
closely, you can ask n8fr8 to add you to our semi-private PLUTO mailing

n8fr8 is currently working on integrating PTs into Android apps in a
reusable way.   That work is mostly in

I recently did some work to port snowflake to Android.  That should be
useable now, but with some open issues about repeatable builds and
verification that non-free libs are not linked in.  That's mostly here:


Then we're doing full stack prototypes for using PTs in Android apps,
based on Wikipedia, F-Droid and an RFA app.  That stuff is scattered around.

>From that work, uniqx (Michael Poehn) has produced a PT bridge server
setup automation:

uniqx and I are now focused on Encrypted SNI for use as a PT, so there
will be some server automation around that, e.g. custom openssl/mod_ssl
build included.

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