[tor-dev] Scheduled changes to Tor Metrics CSV files in the Performance and the Traffic category

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Dec 6 20:52:43 UTC 2018


if you're not pulling CSV files from the Tor Metrics website in an
automated fashion, you can stop reading now.

We just scheduled some changes to the Tor Metrics CSV files in the
Performance and the Traffic category:

 - December 20, 2018 (scheduled): Remove source parameters and output
rows with aggregates over all sources from Time to download files over
Tor, Timeouts and failures of downloading files over Tor, Circuit build
times, Circuit round-trip latencies graphs.

 - December 20, 2018 (scheduled): Remove two graphs Total relay
bandwidth and Consumed bandwidth by Exit/Guard flag combination, and
update the data format of the Advertised and consumed bandwidth by relay
flag graph to cover all data previously contained in the first two graphs.

For more details, see: https://metrics.torproject.org/stats.html

I'm posting this note here, because some folks might pull these CSV
files automatically, and they should have at least a two-weeks warning
to update their scripts.

All the best,

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