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Wed Dec 5 11:26:25 UTC 2018


> On 5 Dec 2018, at 16:15, marziyeh latifi <marziyeh.latifi95 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to count the number of cells that are sent from circuit queue to the output buffer in each relay. How can I do this?
> Any opinion?

You already asked this question in tor-relays:

Continuing on from that reply:

CIRC_BW events are only sent for origin circuits:
An origin circuit starts at the tor instance sending the event.

Why do you want to see the number of cells?

Do you want to count cells on a public relay?
Tor is an anonymity network, so we ask relay operators to protect
user privacy. If you are running a Tor relay on the public network,
please don't collect this information.

If you need to collect this information for research, ask the Tor
research safety board for help:

The research safety board suggests using traffic simulation, rather
than experimenting on real tor users. The chutney and shadow tools
are useful for Tor traffic simulation:

In a simulated Tor network, with TestingTorNetwork 1, you can
use the CELL_STATS event to count cells:

If you can't use a simulation, use a tool that protects user privacy,
like PrivCount:

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