[tor-dev] Unable to access '#tor-dev' IRC Channel

Matt Traudt pastly at torproject.org
Mon Aug 20 17:05:14 UTC 2018


For assistance beyond the contents of this email, please join and ask #oftc.

Some of the Tor IRC channels on OFTC are protected from unregistered
nicks from joining as an anti-spam measure.

The nick "Lashuk" is not registered with NickServ.

To join #tor-dev (and #tor-project, and some others...), you need to

1. Register your nick with nickserv

    /msg nickserv help register

    After confirming there was no errors ...

2. Verify your nick at https://services.oftc.net

    - Click login in the top right
    - Login with the credentials you created in (1)
    - Click Account at the top
    - Click Verify on the left
    - Solve a captcha

    After confirming there was no errors ...

3. Tell nickserv you've verified your nick

    /msg nickserv checkverify

    If this works, your nick will gain +R mode
    and can join #tor-dev (and others)

In the future when you connect to OFTC, you will only need to do

    /msg nickserv identify YourPassword YourNick


On 8/20/18 12:54, KUSHAL BORKAR wrote:
> Greetings All,
>                      This is to inform you that, I, Kushal Borkar, IRC
> Alias 'Lashuk', am unable to access the '#tor-dev' IRC channel. I tried
> using Pidgin Internet Messenger to properly connect to the channel but I
> face the same problem: "Cannot join #tor-dev: Registration is required."
>       I also checked whether I'm linked to the internet and also
> verified by using the command "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY". I cannot access
> the '#tor-dev' IRC channel on OFTC neither using my registered nick on
> desktop client nor through the web interface. I also tried OFTC IRC
> Service to check my Nickname which indicated me "An error occurred
> fetching the nickname data. It may be private or there may be a problem
> with the server."
>      I eagerly want to discuss the specific project "Ahmia - Onion
> Service Search" and would like to know about the Outreachy Internship
> which starts from December to March.
>      I politely request you all help me and direct me in the right
> direction in order to start thinking about what I could do for Tor.
> With Regards,
> /Kushal Borkar/
> /B.Tech - 4th Year,
> Electronics and Communication Engineering,
> IIIT Chittoor,
> Sri City-517588/
> Email Id*: kushal.b15 at iiits.in <mailto:kushal.b15 at iiits.in>*
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