[tor-dev] [release] Onionoo 6.2-1.17.1

Iain Learmonth irl at torproject.org
Fri Aug 17 13:54:13 UTC 2018


A patch release has been made for Onionoo to fix errors with the
searching for relays with unknown AS numbers.

Additionally, we announce today the fixes from version 6.2-1.17.0 which
were released yesterday but not deployed as this additional patch was
ready for release and so we postponed. This fixes issues with slow
reverse DNS lookups.

Download available at:

Software changes are summarized in the changelog [0].

The changes are already deployed on all onionoo.torproject.org instances.

Not all reverse DNS names will be looked up immediately, but should all
be present once the updater has run at least once 13 hours after the

Please direct comments and questions to the metrics-team mailing list [1].

Iain -- on behalf of the Metrics Team.

[1] https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/metrics-team

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