[tor-dev] HS v3 client authorization types

Suphanat Chunhapanya haxx.pop at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 10:14:16 UTC 2018


On 04/28/2018 03:59 AM, meejah wrote:
> Then, if the service client has a problem later they have
> to remember NOT copy-paste the whole config when asking for
> help... sounds like lots to go wrong :) and I don't think this can be
> solved by tinkering with the names/layout of torrc options,
> personally...

Agreed. I don't think putting a private key in torrc is a good idea.

Maybe we can put the private key in a separate file and put the path in
the torrc?

For example:
HidServAuth onion-address auth-type path-to-private-key-file


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