[tor-dev] sbws meeting notes 26 April 2018

Matt Traudt pastly at torproject.org
Thu Apr 26 10:58:28 UTC 2018

Next meeting is 3 May 2018 at 0930 UTC.


https://pad.riseup.net/p/6292yqhUOuHC (copy/pasted below)

Simple Bandwidth Scanner Meeting 25 April 2018

This pad:

Previous week's notes:

    Witty quote

    - Unknown


   last 7 days:
   - sbws is now open source



   - fix some bad bugs in 'sbws cleanup' command while writing tests for it
   - integrate with Travis CI and automatically test against python 3.4,
3.5, and 3.6
   - integrate with Read the Docs
   - gather intel on the environments our users will be running sbws in


   - did some research regarding library support for various distros.
   - remvoe filelock dependency
   - brainstorm what I think a switch to http(s) should look like


    next 7 days:

    - start implementing the switch to http(s)

    - verify sbws works with library versions that aren't the absolute

    misc notes section (not udpates)

    juga's tor tickets:

  Not sure which week was (since we changed from Monday to Thursday):
      - review, comment on debug option not being used #85
      - add logging conf to log to file/system #87
      - review Periodically test reachability of helpers #93
      - create issue Include file where to write ``generate`` results in
the config #91
        suggest having options both in config and cli and cli overriding
      - report about problem with init and helpers #95
      - create issue about adding software to header #96
      - review using kilobytes #97, #98

  Past week:
      - fix conf issues locally and in testnet after "megacommit"
      - more changes on the spec, after new teor review
      - create improve deployability #99
      - create issue Debian package #101
      - Work on issue software and sofware_version in v3bw files #112
      - create issue Include coverage in travis #117
      - create issue Include travis and coverage badges in README
enhancement #118

  Next week:
      - debug what tor does to solve
      - review the software/version ticket according to results from
previous (https://github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/issues/96)
      - review spec according to results from previous
      - add a default output file for generate that can be overriden by
cli args (https://github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/issues/91)
      - improve deployability, this should also help to update instances
running in testnet (https://github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/issues/99)
      - update version sbws running in testnet

    Things to communicate:

     - i put as date of sbws release 1.0.0 (milestone 1) 1st May, but
i'd postpone

       to later so that we've more time testing and fixing last details

     - teor, can i make public the list of tasks you've proposed for
SoP?, any place you would propose?

     - pastly: It's fine to close issues/PRs you think aren't apropiate
for any reasons, but please say so before closing (#111, #87)

     - i stop attending net-team meetings until we need to disscuss
something there that we don't discuss in this meeting

    List of tasks for 3 months proposed by T. (19th Apr)

    - implement features we wanted in torflow in sbws instead (1 week)
      - bwauth code needs to be smarter about failed circuits
      - assign the 10-second client timeout as the time for failed circuits?

      - at least publish failure rates

      - Understand how accurate the bandwidth authority estimates are
    - integration tests (1 week)
    - a practice transition in the test network (1 week, but split up)
      - set up torflow
      - set up sbws

      - compare and switch
    - work little-t tor needs (3 weeks)
      - report version of bwscanners in votes
      - stop relays reporting zero observed bandwidths
      - relays should regularly do a larger bandwidth self-test
      - bandwidth testing circuits should use guards sometimes
      - report bandwidth more often on test networks

      - report bandwidth less often on large, public relays
    - non-essential tickets like
https,//github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/77 and
https,//github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/48 (2 weeks) - if time and
      - Have sbws client launch tor itself
      - Evaluate using [not threads, but twisted instead (probably)]

    last week:
        * made my test dirauth a trust pastly's and juga's dirauths
        * monitored the average bandwidth on the testnet using this
script: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-vote-bw-average
        * opened a ticket for getting similar features into
consensus-health: https://github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/issues/120
    this week:
        * busy with deadlines
        * eventually try to set up sbws on the testnet


### Topic: Switch to HTTP(S)

### (Proposed) Topic: SoP
- specific topics on this?
pastly: where can I find your proposed schedule again?
juga: mail
pastly: finally found it
 - personally i'm not sure on how to organize the tasks we've said i'll
do for SoP, since that's in a month. Either i do now other stuff not
included there (doing so so far), or i start with those tasks and then
update to others during SoP

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