[tor-dev] ahmia ~ summer of privacy

Stelios Barberakis chefarov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:32:18 UTC 2018

Hello all,

My name is Stelios and I am a CS student at Technical University of Crete.
This summer I will be working on ahmia <https://ahmia.fi> project, during
the "summer of privacy".

This will be the first time to be engaged with the tor-ecosystem community
as a developer, and I am really glad about it.

The current plan includes some updates, enhancements of the codebase and
the building/deployment process (including docker), as well as some new
features like search filters, but we are looking to come up with new ideas
for additional features, etc.

Everyone is welcomed to contribute to the brainstorming, so feel free to
ask anything you would like, either here or by joining #ahmia channel in
OFTC if you feel so.

I will do my best to contribute this summer, and hopefully beyond that. I
will be sending bi-weekly reports to @tor-dev, so that everyone could be
informed about the progress.

Best Regards,

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