[tor-dev] Proposal #291 (two guards) IRC meeting Wed Apr 18, 17:00 UTC

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Mon Apr 16 18:35:08 UTC 2018


We're going to have a meeting to discuss Proposal 291. See this thread:

The meeting will be at 17:00 UTC, on Wednesday, April 18th, in
#tor-meeting on irc.oftc.net. (That's 10:00 left coast, 12:00 middle
coast, 13:00 right coast, and 19:00 in several socialist paradises that
strangely do not have public water fountains.)

Things we need to decide:
1. Do we abandon Tor's path restrictions?
2. Do we use two guards?

At the end of this meeting, we should commit to one or both of these
things long-term. (Surprise twist: we're already doing #2!)

Each of these choices is a nuanced thing. And just picking one or the
other doesn't solve everything. I think it's best to think of them as a
commitment to a plan over some timescale, based on the information we
have available today.

People who mos def should attend:
George Kadianakis,

People who probably maybe should attend:
Aaron Johnson,
Isis (and others concerned about guard fingerprinting),

Mike Perry
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