[tor-dev] anonbib

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 09:45:39 UTC 2017

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 12:56 AM, ng0 <ng0 at infotropique.org> wrote:
> I think videos should be a separate issue, we selfhost them
> already as far as I know but integrating them into git is
> no (good) solution.

Don't think I would propose committing the actual videos / papers
to git... too much bloat... just the bib / meta / hash info and links.
Perhaps the links would point to files on the joint webserver.
Mirrors could clone the git and rsync the files.
Primary video links could be out to youtube.
Secondary sets of links that require clients could go to IPFS
or wherever for both papers and videos, even torrent magnet
infohash, seeding bandwidth could be shared across projects
as well.

> If you don't go for something like Mediagoblin

> exist. Asking CCC for hosting would be another choice, for
> their media they have a good amount of mirrors.

Whatever works.

> Should we
> track down more of them to ask the groups and people
> running them if they want to get involved?

If in the crypto privacy messaging overlay etc etc etc spaces,
it could be beneficial to at least send them a link to this thread.
Since each can freely tag to their own desire / view, and saves
maintenance it could be a hit.

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