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Mon Nov 6 05:56:30 UTC 2017

grarpamp transcribed 1.9K bytes:
> On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 8:05 PM, Scfith Riseup <scfith at riseup.net> wrote:
> > I wonder if there is an option to start to use ipfs ( https://ipfs.io/ ) or
> > something like it to permanently and resiliently store items for posterity?
> Bib users would need a client to avoid abusing inproxy.
> Though a client would offload from the bib.
> There doesn't seem to be much of a data loss issue now,
> papers with broken links are still refindable and fixable
> if searched for hard enough, no?
> But it might be said there's organization, maintenance, and
> wider audience utility issues with current bibs.
> However
> - Once a better bib gets made, someone should consider
> pushing the dataset into IPFS, gnunet, storj, whatever.
> Object hash deduplicated systems among them are storage
> efficient, no matter how many people push the same thing.
> - Since most video presentation data exists only on youtube
> (aka: google) at their whim, I assign high risk of loss to that
> community corpus. It's a mess. All projects should be publishing
> local copies of theirs for mirroring. Also, it's hard to autodedupe
> down from youtube since they embed uniques per download / view.
> - Projects should self host, or at least dual home themselves,
> in their own overlays. for reference and other uses.

Good morning,

I like the proposed ideas so far (especially the idea of
being able to filter by tags and keeping one code repository
that could be reused at each others location.
We could try and use http://libgen.io/ and https://sci-hub.cc/
as a fallback search if there's an generic API for them
(I haven't tried so far), I heard they are good although
sometimes (they might be?) legally in the grey depending
on where you are located.

I think videos should be a separate issue, we selfhost them
already as far as I know but integrating them into git is
no (good) solution.
If you don't go for something like Mediagoblin, you could
ask the higher level organization you are part of (for
example GNU, in our case) if video/audio hosting capabilities
exist. Asking CCC for hosting would be another choice, for
their media they have a good amount of mirrors.
In the longterm this should be replaced, but for now this
is good enough.
However, this is derailing a bit from the original issue.

You listed some bibs that are similar to the ones already
mentioned and proto-bibs (like ours at GNUnet). Should we
track down more of them to ask the groups and people
running them if they want to get involved?
Or do you want to get started?

I'll need the feedback of Grothoff before I can say wether
we as a group agree or not. My opinion is that it's good
and reusable at our side without causing too much confusion
about content and location.
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