[tor-dev] Default bridges that are not publishing statistics

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Thu May 25 04:31:45 UTC 2017

On Sat, May 06, 2017 at 09:25:11AM -0700, David Fifield wrote:
> Okay, thanks. It still doesn't fully make sense to me, because while
> some of the default bridges are in Atlas, not all of them are (for
> example the two from https://bugs.torproject.org/21917). I don't think
> it's possible that they haven't gotten *any* client traffic.
> I wonder if it has something to do with the tor version number?

I checked all the other default bridges and all of them but 2 are
publishing statistics:
C8CBDB2464FC9804A69531437BCF2BE31FDD2EE4  cymrubridge31
0BAC39417268B96B9F514E7F63FA6FBA1A788955  cymrubridge33
I will contact the operators and ask them to try setting
"AssumeReachable 1".

I suspect it has something to do with the Tor version number. Here are
the other default bridges and their version numbers. The only old one is
the last one, which is the one I had to set AssumeReachable on to get it
to show up.

A09D536DD1752D542E1FBB3C9CE4449D51298239  LeifEricson      obfs3,obfs4,fte  Tor on Linux
1E05F577A0EC0213F971D81BF4D86A9E4E8229ED  ndnop0           obfs3  Tor on Linux
4C331FA9B3D1D6D8FB0D8FBBF0C259C360D97E6A  ndnop2           obfs3  Tor on Linux
AF9F66B7B04F8FF6F32D455F05135250A16543C9  Unnamed                 Tor on Linux
0E858AC201BF0F3FA3C462F64844CBFFC7297A42  pdxtorbridge01          Tor on Linux
1E326AAFB3FCB515015250D8FCCC8E37F91A153B  wisctorbridge01         Tor on Linux
FC562097E1951DCC41B7D7F324D88157119BB56D  wisctorbridge02         Tor on Linux
A17A40775FBD2CA1184BF80BFC330A77ECF9D0E9  wisctorbridge03         Tor on Linux
8DFCD8FB3285E855F5A55EDDA35696C743ABFC4E  ndnop3           obfs4  Tor on Linux
BBB28DF0F201E706BE564EFE690FE9577DD8386D  ndnop5           obfs4  Tor on Linux
752CF7825B3B9EA6A98C83AC41F7099D67007EA5  riemann          obfs4  Tor on Linux
7B126FAB960E5AC6A629C729434FF84FB5074EC2  noether          obfs4  Tor on Linux
A832D176ECD5C7C6B58825AE22FC4C90FA249637  MaBishomarim     obfs4  Tor on Linux
8FB9F4319E89E5C6223052AA525A192AFBC85D55  Mosaddegh        obfs4  Tor on Linux
00DC6C4FA49A65BD1472993CF6730D54F11E0DBB  JonbesheSabz     obfs4  Tor on Linux
C73ADBAC8ADFDBF0FC0F3F4E8091C0107D093716  GreenBelt        obfs4  Tor on Linux
FE7840FE1E21FE0A0639ED176EDA00A3ECA1E34D  Azadi            obfs4  Tor on Linux
CDF2E852BF539B82BD10E27E9115A31734E378C2  Lisbeth          obfs4  Tor on Linux
FC259A04A328A07FED1413E9FC6526530D9FD87A  NX01             obfs4  Tor on Linux
B9E7141C594AF25699E0079C1F0146F409495296  TorLandMeek      meek   Tor on Linux
97700DFE9F483596DDA6264C4D7DF7641E1E39CE  cymrubridge02    meek   Tor on Linux
2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72  Unnamed          snowflake  Tor on Linux

appendix: commands to generate this data:
grep -o -E '"\w+ [0-9.:]+ [0-9A-F]+' bridge_prefs.js | sed -e 's/.//' | while read transport addr fpr; do wget -c -O $fpr.json https://onionoo.torproject.org/details?fingerprint=$(echo $fpr | xxd -r -p | sha1sum | awk '{print $1}'); done
for a in *.json; do echo -n "$a "; jq -j '.bridges[]|(.hashed_fingerprint,"\t",.nickname,"\t",(.transports//[]|join(",")),"\t",.platform)' $a; echo; done

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