[tor-dev] Tomorrow (5/23) is a core-tor trac-attack day!

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon May 22 18:07:51 UTC 2017


At our meeting just now, the network team discussed our needs for a
more organized set of trac tickets about past and previous versions.

(This is about tickets against Tor itself, though if you want to jump
in on some other component, you're welcome to do so!)

So, tomorrow, I'm planning to spend (nearly?) all my work hours on
#tor-dev, working on organizing trac tickets.  And more help is always
welcome! Drop by and say hi and help us clean out our bugtracker!

 Areas of interest will be:
   * Wrapping up tickets that are associated with older release milestones
   * Trying to make sure all current-milestone tickets get owners
   * Making sure 0.3.2.x is not just a dumping ground for "things we
didn't get around to doing in 0.3.1.x."
   * Improving the accuracy of the "easy" keyword by applying it to
more tickets and removing it from any that weren't so easy after all.
   * Looking for a way to get the "Tor: Unspecified" milestone under control.

I'm likeliest to be around during 1230-1800 UTC and 2230-0000 UTC.

best wishes,

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