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Thu Mar 30 21:11:15 UTC 2017

I am your IT Genius but why do you not leave a phone number or contact?

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 3:22 PM, Mark Cohen <m at markpcohen.com> wrote:

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> Hello everyone!
> My name is Mark, and I'm a 2nd year undergraduate at UChicago, majoring in
> CS
> and math. I greatly admire the Tor community, and as a longtime user I've
> always wanted to give back. As far as relevant experience goes, I've taken
> courses in systems, networks, and languages, and I'm currently in a
> wonderful
> usable security course taught by Blase Ur. Last summer I worked for
> Keybase,
> which was both a lot of fun and highly educational.
> For GSoC, I'm most interested in helping improve the state of IPv6. I would
> love to pick someone's brain before creating an application to get a
> conceptual
> feel for the project and to learn about the kinds of things I'd be
> implementing. If you're that person, I'd really appreciate it if you could
> reach out either on here or via any other contact method (check my website
> linked below). Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to talking to
> you!
> ~Mark (https://mpcsh.xyz)
> iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEmyuHiWNRDa+IFK5Pss2qrTdc5gQFAljdV10ACgkQss2qrTdc
> 5gTWrw/+NpcZ/LahaxKXc3rdejLqblg8iiQVBxO8I7FkJkST5kz8gOFoheImrmSF
> gh2Jz/gY3TK/U8OXd8yDBPVd8KwWadCF161BURQtN8U35Rxao+Xmrrwhp5P2lj2L
> DfGkBwDzkIAOeCKOITh64guuzpPrhCWJOean7gJs6zHBIB+cIRZF1/3LhbtqRLJI
> nKcBy1mWjwHJ2CKkIhIFFHkY2WfqQ3JvlngjwDFUuYvBTrHKAKK1tl7Wnuo7npFs
> OZSaSxuXK4bQPGRINpQoPNyYI4sjKYQChco1ZLZ3v7Kc1Uyy0xlR5ittEl5GnaKl
> 4tXVRJpjDkkrWwHYxpVl5YrzUAC0OlJ9yh7qDZK2OQ5V6UEv+cpZJU5fGNrRKYxG
> JLMvs3Jf42xHIyMI0H7ya0Fh12PrOAD7en0mqM4Ie55/uvCb9FSbDhGOXvjuIIvp
> 2E6pJYsEXXvCZMyO8C36zEWn4JsEvAAAUeig9vyqL7kEDIL0vql5CwXO27MI3nqz
> IIk+ogVpITIooHB+owR01QENZ7DIoj1uRvX4skF+hXtA2W66J10Uw1b2gy2qPPbG
> HoAZW+nXRpKUYmWsvy8wwqZNtxdhZ8DgY78hXqrFOr65v9Odi6aNnAVSB9m9Dg4b
> Iu6LW7jbOOYbT6ZUWB7XwG7qi+jtHAzZZ7ZOAVzU37cyzGf2tnY=
> =eUZ0
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