[tor-dev] Tor Arch Diagrams

chelsea komlo me at chelseakomlo.com
Tue Mar 7 04:42:10 UTC 2017

Hello All,

I've published object diagrams created from a conversation with Nick at
the last Tor meeting, along with the original sketches (hopefully very


The plan for these is to include them into documentation. These should
definitely evolve along with tor's architecture, so please don't think
of them as set in stone.

A couple questions/comments:

- What else should be included? The most important thing is that these
are good visual assets for future discussions on topics such as
modularization, where code/responsibility should belong, if any new
structures are needed, etc.

- Some of these may need more information. For example, the scheduler

- If object diagrams do not capture tor's architecture accurately, we
can also look at event modeling. This would model what happens as
different events occur from start to finish in the tor network.

- If it is useful for these to be UML, I can do that. But more
importantly is that they are useful.

Feedback welcome!


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