[tor-dev] When to exit 0 on error

f55jwk4f at vfemail.net f55jwk4f at vfemail.net
Fri Jun 23 02:49:06 UTC 2017

I noticed tor sometimes exits 0 on error, specifically in
monitor_owning_controller_process in src/or/control.c:

  if (owning_controller_process_monitor == NULL) {
    log_err(LD_BUG, "Couldn't create process-termination monitor for "
            "owning controller: %s.  Exiting.",
    owning_controller_process_spec = NULL;

and in try_locking in main.c:

        r = try_locking(options, 0);
        if (r<0) {
          log_err(LD_GENERAL, "No, it's still there.  Exiting.");

When to exit 0 on error?
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