[tor-dev] Problems on torrc.d-style configuration directories

Daniel Pinto danielpinto52 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 22:21:49 UTC 2017

Hi iry,

The ticket for this feature is very old and contains some outdated
information. The comment you quoted will not work as it is written
because the %include functionality does not support wildcards. However,
you can achieve the same result by adding the following line on your torrc:

%include /etc/tor/services-enabled/

This will include all the files on /etc/tor/services-enabled/.

You can find a short description of this feature on the tor man page,
under the section "The configuration file format":

Configuration options can be imported from files or folders using the
%include option with the value being a path. If the path is a file, the
options from the file will be parsed as if they were written where the
%include option is. If the path is a folder, all files on that folder
will be parsed following lexical order. Files starting with a dot are
ignored. Files on subfolders are ignored. The %include option can be
used recursively.

Best regards,
Daniel Pinto

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