[tor-dev] Extending Tor stats to cover anon OSs?

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Sun Jun 18 22:19:09 UTC 2017

> On 19 Jun 2017, at 00:56, bancfc at openmailbox.org wrote:
> @TPO devs
> Since you do a great job safely collecting useful stats on the network, would you be open to adding a self-identifying anonOS distro option to the protocol? Would this be OK or is it mission creep? On the flip side it would be much more accurate than anything we can do to estimate active user base.
> Some ideas:
> *The distro name options could either be hard-coded values (for example TAILS, Whonix...) or a custom one chosen by downstream maintainers.
> *Distro maintainers would enable it for Tor clients

I'm sorry, but tor clients do not currently report any statistics.
Only tor relays report statistics.

We also get a limited set of OS/language statistics from Tor Browser
downloads and update pings.

But there is no protocol for tor clients to report statistics.

Any client protocol would need to have the following properties:
1. avoid client tracking, and
2. secure aggregation of counts for each type of client, so counts could
   not be linked to individual guards.

I'm not sure either of these things are possible in tor at this time.
They would require very specialised protocols.


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