[tor-dev] [RFC] Proposal for the encoding of prop224 onion addresses

segfault segfault at riseup.net
Sat Jan 28 15:43:00 UTC 2017


> I wouldn't go for the hypens, but even if we decide at a later point
> that this was a good idea we can handle it at an upper layer, like with
> a browser tool or something, it's outside the scope of this
> microproposal. We all know only a naming system will really fix this
> issue from all points of view, so let's stick to that.

I don't think a naming system can fix this issue from all points of
view. There will always be use cases where a naming system can't be
used, like short-lived, non-public onion services, created for example
with OnionShare or Tails Server. There are cases where there is no
secure channel pre-established between the server and the client, so the
onion address is exchanged in person, by reading it of the screen or
writing it on a sheet of paper. Or there is a secure channel established
on another device, for example Signal on the users' phones. Then they
would still have to type the onion address.

Also, a browser is not the only client accessing onion services. I would
like some more appreciation of the fact that not all onion services are
publicly accessible web services.


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