[tor-dev] Proposal 275: Stop including meaningful "published" time in microdescriptor consensus

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 11:17:50 UTC 2017

> On 25 Feb 2017, at 03:25, Nick Mathewson <nickm at torproject.org> wrote:
> Filename: 275-md-published-time-is-silly.txt
> Title: Stop including meaningful "published" time in microdescriptor consensus
> Author: Nick Mathewson
> Created: 20-Feb-2017
> Status: Open
> Target: 0.3.1.x-alpha
> ...
> 4. Proposal
> ...
>   As an interim solution: We should add a new consensus method number
>   that changes the process by which Published fields in consensuses are
>   generated.  It should set all all Published fields in the consensus
>   should be the same value.  These fields should be taken to rotate
>   every 15 hours, by taking consensus valid-after time, and rounding
>   down to the nearest multiple of 15 hours since the epoch.

I wonder what this does to relays that have a broken clock.
Is there any particular reason you chose 15 hours, rather than, say,
18 hours (the interval at which relays re-post descriptors), or 12 hours
(the re-post interval - the consensus lifetime - 3 hours skew allowance)

> 5. Analysis
>   ...
>   With the longer-term solution in place, and all published times held
>   constant permanently, the compressed diff sizes were uniformly at
>   least 56% smaller.
>   With this in mind, I think we might want to only plan to support the
>   longer-term solution.

Do you mean "only implement" the longer-term solution?


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