[tor-dev] Error-Correcting Onions with Bech32

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 03:23:39 UTC 2017


Please read the naming layer API proposal before writing your proposal:


In particular, if you added a unique top-level domain (.bech?), you
would only have to specify how a the bech translation plugin works.
(It would be a much shorter proposal.)

> On 31 Dec 2017, at 13:46, nullius <nullius at nym.zone> wrote:
> For the foregoing reasons, I will propose that subdomain data, if any, be kept separate from the Bech32 coding.  It may be either kept in a separate string, or somehow affixed with a special delimiter either before or after the Bech32 representation of the onion.  Off-the-cuff, which of these looks best to you?
>    www:onion19qzypww2zw3ykkkglr4tu9
>    onion19qzypww2zw3ykkkglr4tu9:www
>    another-level.www:onion19qzypww2zw3ykkkglr4tu9
> (My choice of a delimiter here may be wrong, if we want for the browser’s address bar to translate it.  I should think more about this.)

Why not:


Transforming the final 2 components and leaving the rest intact seems
like the most usable form. Particularly if you're going  to add a .bech at
the end of the address for prop#279.

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