[tor-dev] Tor and (open) SDN

neutron neutron at systemli.org
Tue Dec 19 12:21:00 UTC 2017

Hello tor developers,

I'm neutron a Tor user and operator of some hidden-services.

During the next year I will write my master thesis about a software
defined network related project. Currently I'm thinking about which
research topic I could choose and Tor came up to my mind.

I'm interested in getting to know what's out there and if there are any
approaches to combine Tor and open SDN*? And what would help to research
in that area to support the tor project?

I already came across: https://shadow.github.io/

I will be around at 34c3 and would love to have a chat about interesting
approaches, projects and ideas.

Thank you for your time :)

cheers neutron

* If I get the SDN terms right, tor is an overlay SDN. I would like to
think in the direction to combine tor with Open SDN.

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