[tor-dev] Proposal: Expose raw bwauth votes

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Tue Dec 12 18:44:29 UTC 2017

Tom Ritter transcribed 4.8K bytes:
> I'm not sure, but I think
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/21377 needed a
> proposal so I tried to write one up.
> -tom

Hi tom, thanks for the proposal!

> Filename: xxx-expose-bwauth_votes.txt
> Title: Have Directory Authorities expose raw bwauth vote documents
> Author: Tom Ritter
> Created: 11-December-2017
> Status: Open

I changed things recently, you'll need a "Ticket:" field if your proposal is

(Although, maybe we shouldn't require "Ticket:" for state OPEN, so as not to
hinder calling it OPEN and discussing it even for those things which don't
yet have tickets?)

> 1. Introduction
> Bandwidth Authorities (bwauths) perform scanning of the Tor Network
> and calculate observed speeds for each relay. They produce a 'bwauth
> vote file' that is given to a Directory Authority. The Directory
> Authority uses the speed value from this file in its vote file
> denoting its view of the speed of the relay.
> After collecting all of the votes from other Authorities, a consensus
> is calculated, and the consensus's view of a relay's speed is
> determined by choosing the low-median value [or is it high-median?]
> of all the authorities' values for each relay.
> Only a single metric from the bwauth vote file is exposed by a 
> Directory Authority's vote, however the original file contains
> considerably more diagnostic information about how the bwauth arrives
> at that measurement for that relay.
> 2. Motivation
> The bwauth vote file contains more information that is exposed in the

/s/that/than/ ???

> overall vote file. This information is useful to debug anomalies in
> relays' utilization and suspected bugs in the (decrepit) bwauth code.
> Currently, all bwauths expose the raw vote file through various (non-
> standard) means, and that file is downloaded (hourly) by a single person
> (as long as his home internet connection and home server is working)
> and archived (with a small amount of robustness.)  
> It would be preferable to have this exposed in a standard manner.
> Doing so would no longer require bwauths to run HTTP servers to expose
> the file, no longer require them to take additional manual steps to
> provide it, and would enable public consumption by any interested
> parties.  We hope that Collector will begin archiving the files.
> 3. Specification
> An authority SHOULD publish the bwauth vote used to calculate its
> current vote. It should make the bwauth vote file available at the
> same time as its normal vote file. It should make the file available
> at
>   http://<hostname>/tor/status-vote/next/bwauth.z

If it's "next", how is it possible to expose it at the same time as its vote
which is based upon it?  Maybe we should change the URL to be "current"?

> It MUST NOT attempt to send its bwauth vote file in a HTTP POST to
> other authorities and it SHOULD NOT make bwauth vote files from other
> authorities available.
> 4. Security Implications
> The raw bwauth vote file does not [really: is not believed to] expose
> any sensitive information.  All authorities currently make this
> document public already, an example is at
>   https://bwauth.ritter.vg/bwauth/bwscan.V3BandwidthsFile

Maybe we want to think about resource exhaustion attacks if we're making a
standarised interface available to it?  The response after all is going
likely always be much larger than the request.

> 5. Compatibility
> Exposing the document presents no compatibility concerns.
> The compatibility concern is with applications that want to consume
> the document. The bwauth vote file has no specification, and has been
> extended in ad-hoc ways. Applications that merely wish to archive the
> document (e.g. Collector) won't have a problems. Applications that
> want to parse it may encounter errors if a new (unexpected) field is
> added, or assumptions are made about the text encoding or formatting
> of the document. 

A specification for the documents that BWAuths produce would be an extremely
welcome contribution! but probably shouldn't be prerequisite to accepting
and implementing this proposal.

Thanks again for the proposal, tom!

[0]: https://gitweb.torproject.org/torspec.git/commit/?id=8be6722e8d9

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