[tor-dev] How about capping single operators to max. 10% exit capacity of the network?

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 00:29:17 UTC 2017

> On 11 Dec 2017, at 10:56, s7r <s7r at sky-ip.org> wrote:
> I do understand that some operators are particularly concerned about how
> much % they operate, but this can be lowered if too high for example by
> setting RelayBandwidthRate, option which is ready and working and
> doesn't add extra complications and side effects.

If the concern is seeing the traffic of too many clients, then use
MaxAdvertisedBandwidth. That way, fewer clients will choose the relay
in their paths, but the ones that do get the entire bandwidth of the
relay. (And lower latency.)

If the concern is seeing too much Tor network data, then use

(This is also an area that needs more research: is it the volume of
network data that's bad, or the number of clients. I suspect it's the
number of clients.)


Tim / teor

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