[tor-dev] How about capping single operators to max. 10% exit capacity of the network?

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sun Dec 10 22:25:00 UTC 2017

>> since a single operator now controls more than 10% of the tor network's
>> exit capacity
> Or rather, do they control more than 10% of the Tor Network's consensus
> weight?

I'm referring to exit probability.

> How do you define an "operator"?

Lets use "family" that is be more clear.

> How many operators would this affect over the past few years?

From the top of my head I know about two
but I didn't parse historic data to be able to give a more precise answer.

> I thought we generally asked operators to keep it to 5%?

Yes I'm aware of the discussion on tor-relays@ where Roger said:

> I think 5% exit share is fine, and 10% is probably a bit too high.
> That means as you grow past 5%, you should work with the other big exit
> relay operator groups 

but operators have no effective means in controlling their own share, if
for example another big operator disappears.

> And I think we should focus our efforts on expanding the pool of exits,
> and improving bandwidth measurement, rather than limiting operators
> who are helping the network. (New automatic limits will likely be seen
> as a rejection of someone's contribution, so they should be handled very
> carefully.)

I see your point.
Also note that there are operators that would actually appreciate such a
limit because they do not want to run more than X% (see tor-relays@).

thanks for your reply,

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