[tor-dev] Tor and IP2Location LITE

KL Liew hexasoft at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 03:38:36 UTC 2017


My name is Kim, the founder of IP2Location, a geolocation service provider
since 2002.

It looks like Tor is looking to review other providers for GeoIP service
while I was reading one of a meeting minute for a meeting back in March


We are very interested in contributing to Tor and work on this matter. Tor
can host and integrate IP2Location LITE (http://lite.ip2location.com) into
their application. IP2Location has programming libraries in most languages.
We can also work with developers if there is any technical issues.

In term of accuracy, you can find the latest research paper published by
TUM. IP2Location has good accuracy as reported in Table V.

Title       : HLOC: Hints-Based Geolocation Leveraging Multiple Measurement
Authors     : Quirin Scheitle, Oliver Gasser, Patrick Sattler, Georg Carle
from Technical University of Munich (TUM)
PDF Access  : https://arxiv.org/pdf/1706.09331.pdf

Let me know if there is any questions.

- Kim
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