[tor-dev] Tor Tech Report 2017-04-001 available

iwakeh iwakeh at torproject.org
Fri Apr 28 18:55:31 UTC 2017

Hi there!

A new Tor Tech Report is available [0]:

"Privacy analysis of Tor's in-memory statistics."

"This report analyzes which possibly sensitive, potentially
 personally identifying data is stored in memory of Tor relays
 and bridges or reported to the directory authorities and
 makes suggestions to reduce the collection and temporary
 storage of such data."

The report addresses concerns regarding metrics collection
about the Tor network that were often raised and discussed
in the community.
Many topics can only be briefly touched in the scope of such
a report.  Thus, there is quite some work in thinking, writing,
and coding open to be done.

Based on the report's suggestions the Metrics Team plans the
following steps (mainly in May and June 2017):
* Distill a change proposal for Tor server changes that address
  the most pressing of the identified issues.
* Code the Tor server patches according to the proposal.
* And, provide necessary patches for Tor Metrics products
  concerned by the changes for Tor servers.

Future plans for the months after that are to assess privacy
questions as raised in this report more in-depth and describe
statistical accuracy throughout the data-verse of Tor Metrics.

Many thanks to Aaron Johnson, Paul Syverson, Rob Jansen, and
Tim Wilson-Brown, who gave very valuable feedback to ideas
and questions we asked during the Amsterdam meeting!
Also many thanks to Karsten Loesing, who collected the feedback
in Amsterdam, patiently answered all questions about the details
of Tor and Tor Metrics, and reviewed the report!


[0] https://research.torproject.org/techreports/privacy-in-memory-2017-04-28.pdf

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