[tor-dev] Tor 0.3.1 ticket triage: please do this today if you hack on Tor.

Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Mon Apr 24 17:29:06 UTC 2017

Hi!  We've got 3 weeks left in the 0.3.1 merge window (which closes on
May 15) so let's try to triage the tickets.  Here's what to do if you
are going to develop anything for Tor 0.3.1:

   -  Make sure that everything you are going to do for  031 is
assigned to you, in the 0.3.1 milestone, and has a points estimate.
("Points" is a rough "how many days will this take me?" guess.)

  - If there is anything assigned to you for 031 that you _won't_ be
doing for May 15, or that you won't be doing at all, please unassign
it and/or defer it from the 031-milestone.

   - If your total points estimate is over 12 or so (or whatever
number of programming days you think you will have, please defer the
less  important things, or tag them with 031-stretch.

Then, in 24 hours or so, for all the tickets that don't get an owner,
I will either defer them or mark them "too important to defer" and
look for somebody else to do them.  Let's see how this works!


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