[tor-dev] Provisional Draft of Hyphae

isis agora lovecruft isis at torproject.org
Fri Apr 21 19:42:53 UTC 2017


Henry and I have written up a provisional draft design for a social bridge
distribution scheme, modelled after rBridge, which we're calling Hyphae.
For those further interested, here is a draft PDF. [0]  Included within is:

 - A technical history, with primary sources, of censorship of the Tor
   network, as well as remediations for those censorship attempts;

 - A description of the bridge distribution problem, including orthogonal
   problems and solutions, and prior proposals specific to the bridge

 - A description of an algebraic-MAC attribute-based credential scheme,
   requisite non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, and sub-credentials and
   tokens, which we use to build our bridge distribution protocol;

 - A centralised, anonymous micropayments scheme, which we hope is of
   interest to other projects (such as Brave);

 - A description of our Hyphae protocol;

 - An high-level, cryptographic and protocol design comparison to the
   rBridge protocol; and

 - Draft notes on our implementation.

Please note that this is a provisional draft paper, containing the design
but not yet containing results specific to our implementation.  We expect
some things to change in minor ways during further refinement and
implementation.  That said, we welcome all feedback and appreciate review.

[0]: https://patternsinthevoid.net/hyphae/hyphae.pdf

Best regards,
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