[tor-dev] txtorcon versioning

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Thu Apr 13 02:22:44 UTC 2017

Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org> writes:

> In the above you say "The onion service APIs *will* change" but also
> "At one point, I thought of breaking a few now-regrettable
> APIs. However, I will not do this." - are you changing APIs or not?

> If you are then Calendar Versioning will make it tricker for your
> users to figure out when you're doing so.

The programming guide and docstrings mention which onion APIs are
experimental; those will change.

The previously-released TCPHiddenServiceEndpoint and
EphemeralHiddenService APIs will maintain backwards compatiblity. The
names for the new things use "onion" (e.g. .create_onion_service)

Basically the idea is similar to (inspired by?) what Twisted itself
provides: if your code doesn't currently cause txtorcon to emit
warnings, then you can upgrade. Currently there are no warnings, so
everyone can upgrade.



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