[tor-dev] minimizing traffic for IoT Tor node over 3G/LTE

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Sat Apr 8 09:43:00 UTC 2017

> I am working on a project to create very small Tor nodes on embedded
> devices connected over LTE or 3G.

since you are concerned about bw usage I assume you talk about tor
clients not relays.

> I have it working fine with OpenWRT and
> just 128MB of RAM, but the main issue is now the amount of data needed to
> download the consensus. The consensus files appear to be around 2.3MB at
> the moment and I think the default is to re-download every 3 hours, so
> that's 18.4MB/day or 552MB/month. Is there any way to reduce this while
> still maintaining good citizenship on the Tor network? Are there any
> recommended options for low-bandwidth nodes?

There is an ongoing effort to significantly reduce the bw overhead for
tor clients on metered networks.

Some improvements are supposed to land in tor 0.3.1.x.

Relevant proposals:



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