[tor-dev] Paper on how DNS affects Tor's anonymity

Philipp Winter phw at nymity.ch
Wed Sep 28 15:35:49 UTC 2016

My colleagues and I published a (not yet peer-reviewed) research paper
on how DNS affects Tor's anonymity.  The key parts of our work are:

- We measure the DNS setup of exit relays over time, showing that at
  times Google got to see almost 40% of DNS requests coming out of Tor.

- We show how website fingerprinting attacks can be augmented with
  observed DNS requests, resulting in precise attacks for unpopular

- Similar to the "Users Get Routed" work, we simulate the impact of our
  attack at Internet-scale using the TorPS simulator.

The PDF is available online:

Our project page has code, data, and replication instructions:

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