[tor-dev] Onioncat and Prop224

dawuud dawuud at riseup.net
Wed Sep 28 15:30:37 UTC 2016

OK I'm replying inline;

> https://www.reddit.com/r/TOR/comments/54rpil/dht_syncthing_bitsync_over_tor/
> Hi we would like to integrate DHT Bittorrent Syncing over Tor for our
> open source encrypted obfuscated media rich notepad app.

Why Bittorrent?

It's fun to think about using various composable components to build
interesting applications and distributed systems but sometime
composing certain components together results in non-optimal systemic

> This app will have for main objective to provide a secure information

Do you mean four main objectives? What are they?

> gathering and sharing tool for NGO's involved in recording human

Gathering and sharing; are you sure these are two different properties or just one?
Might there be other things that have this property besides bittorrent?

> rights abuses in less than friendly countries and for the general
> public to be able to be shielded from the evermore privacy negative
> environment we live in...
> We are looking for developers to join us and criticism from the community.

Are you aware of Tahoe-LAFS? We are almost done with the native Tor
integration for Tahoe; however this latest release will also include
support for IPv6 and I2p.

Do you require revocation?
What's your threat model?

> (Another fine non-strictly-TCP[v4] application potentially enabled by OnionCat.
> Though they may not be aware of its applicability yet.)

Yes but then you are suggesting TCP on top of TCP via TCP/IPv6/onion/TCP.
Do you know what happens when you get packet loss with that protocol layer cake?
Cascading retransmissions. Non-optimal, meaning shitty. You might be able to
partially solve this by using a lossy queueing Tun device/application but that
just makes me cringe.

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