[tor-dev] Potential regression when binding sockets to interface without default route

Peter Palfrader weasel at torproject.org
Mon Sep 19 14:28:30 UTC 2016

René Mayrhofer schrieb am Montag, dem 19. September 2016:

> Update: After a hint by Peter Palfrader, I now set the Address option as
> well:
> root at tor2 ~ # grep Address /etc/tor/torrc
> Address
> OutboundBindAddress
> This seems to work with, so we should be up and running with a
> recent version now. However, we did not set Address before, exactly
> because we have two addresses assigned for the Tor exit node on this
> host (as opposed to being behind a NAT gateway with port forwarding with
> different internal and externally visible addresses, which might be the
> more common case). Is a setup like ours supported with explicitly
> setting Address?

The address set via the Address configuration option is the one that you
want to see published in the server descriptor.  If it's not set, then
tor will start guessing, and in your case the guess went wrong [1], or
at least changed.

I have Address set even on my non-multihomed, single-IP-address relays.


[1] And that may be a regression; I haven't looked at that part.
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