[tor-dev] Reducing initial onion descriptor upload delay (down to 0s?)

Ivan Markin twim at riseup.net
Wed Sep 7 15:40:00 UTC 2016

Hi tor-dev@!

Moving the discussion on the future of rendinitialpostdelay from ticket
#20082 [1] here.

Transcribing the issue:
> At the moment descriptor is getting posted at 
> MIN_REND_INITIAL_POST_DELAY (30) seconds after onion service 
> initialization. For the use case of real-time one-time services
> (like OnionShare, etc) one has to wait for 30 seconds until this
> onion service can be reached. Besides, if a client tries to reach
> the service before its descriptor is ever published, tor client gets 
> stuck preventing user from reaching this service after descriptor is 
> published. Like this: Could not pick one of the responsible hidden 
> service directories to fetch descriptors, because we already tried 
> them all unsuccessfully.

> It has jumped to 30s from 5s due to "load on authorities". 
> 11d89141ac0ae0ff371e8da79abe218474e7365c:
> +  o Minor bugfixes (hidden services): +    - Upload hidden service
> descriptors slightly less often, to reduce +      load on
> authorities.
> "Load on authorities" is not the point anymore because we don't use
> V0 since Thus I think it's safe to drop it back to at
> least 5s (3s?) for all services. Or even remove it at all?

The questions are:
  * Can we drop this delay? Why?
  * Can we set it back to 5s thus avoiding issues that can arise after
removing the delay?
  * Should we do something now or postpone it to prop224?

[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/20082
Ivan Markin

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