[tor-dev] HTTPS Everywhere

Jesse V kernelcorn at riseup.net
Mon Sep 5 17:03:30 UTC 2016

On 09/05/2016 12:58 PM, AKASH DAS wrote:
> Can I know the issues that are currently in https everywhere.

This is the mailing list for Tor development, so you may want to
redirect your question to the EFF or some different channel.

HTTPS Everywhere has been really smooth for me and I've actually never
had an issue with it across many devices and several years. I know that
some websites don't handle HTTPS correctly, but that's why the EFF built
the tool based on a carefull-managed whitelist. If almost all of your
common websites are using HTTPS, then you might even consider enabling
the "Block all unencrypted requests" option, but then don't be surprised
when your favorite news site no longer loads. The situation is really
improving thanks to Let's Encrypt. :)

Jesse V

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