[tor-dev] How to query HS hostname from control port

Jesse V kernelcorn at riseup.net
Mon Sep 5 01:59:21 UTC 2016

On 09/04/2016 09:31 PM, meejah wrote:
> There are two types of onion services: "on disk" ones configured via
> torrc/SETCONF and the HiddenServiceDir and related options **or**
> "ephemeral" onions, created via the recently added ADD_ONION command.
> In the latter case, you can list them with GETINFOs on "onions/current"
> or "onions/detached" depending on the options when you created them.
> For the "HiddenServiceDir" onions, the only way to get the onion address
> that I know of is by reading the "hostname" file.
> Can you describe what you're trying to do?

I'm interested in the ones on disk. I wish that "onions/current" would
give me the list of HSs that were set up via torrc, but this doesn't
appear to be the case. I'm basically looking for the raw command.

This is part of my overhaul of the Onion Name System (OnioNS) project,
which has actually been silently active. I wasn't able to finish some
components until the design was stable. Now that the paper is finalized
and has been accepted, I have been finishing the codebase. The server
software needs to know the HS address so that it can distribute it to
other nodes in the OnioNS network. My to-do list is quickly diminishing
but I did run into this snag and I wasn't able to fix it.

Jesse V

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