[tor-dev] 0.2.9 freeze dates, and fun bugs to work on, and important code to review

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Fri Oct 7 17:05:09 UTC 2016

Hello, all!

Here is an incomplete list of takeaways from network-team meeting last
week, plus some more scheduling things, and other fun stuff for new
(and experienced) Tor developers!

  * 0.2.9 is now frozen for big/risky changes.  I'll put out the final
alpha around 14 or 17 Oct, and fork 0.3.0 then too.

  * I'll continue to accept small, safe changes in 0.2.9 through the
final alpha. Maybe a couple of days after. After that, I only plan to
take fixes for critical bugs, regressions, and security issues.

  * Here are the open tickets in the 0.2.9 milestone [1].  Note that
some of them have no owner! Many of them would be pretty easy for
somebody to fix, if you want something to work on over the next few
days. On the other hand, almost none of them seem
must-fix-before-0.2.9-or-the-sky-falls to me.  So if nobody works on a
patch for them over the next week or so, they're probably going to
have to wait for 0.3.0.

  * Here is the latest "review group" [2] -- a list of tickets where
I'm not planning to review new big stuff outside of this group until
everything in this group.  During the 0.2.9 development period, using
this method has gotten us to the point where we are reaching the final
weeks of development without a huge backlog of unreviewed code.
Writing reviews for this code can be a fun introduction to how Tor

[1]  Open 0.2.9 tickets:

[2] review-group-10:

all best wishes,

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