[tor-dev] [proposal] Post-Quantum Secure Hybrid Handshake Based on NewHope

Peter Schwabe peter at cryptojedi.org
Thu May 12 13:54:11 UTC 2016

Yawning Angel <yawning at schwanenlied.me> wrote:

Hi Yawning,

Thanks for the more detailed description; I think I understand now what
you're saying. I also agree that the cost is small (only some extra
symmetric stuff happening). 

I don't like the use of AES-GCM as an authenticated-encryption
algorithm, but as far as I understand, AEAD is a completely separate
discussion within Tor and this would be replaced by whatever that
discussion's outcome is?

> Correct.  In a post quantum world, this is totally pointless,
> especially since `Z` is publicly available from the microdescriptors,
> but in the mean time it's extra authenticated, and extra sekrit.

Can you describe a pre-quantum attacker who breaks the non-modified key
exchange and does not, with essentially the same resources, break the
modified key exchange? I'm not opposed to your idea, but it adds a bit
of complexity and I would like to understand what precisely the benefit

Best regards,

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