[tor-dev] Testing Network Node Availability

Xiaofan Li xli2 at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu May 5 23:34:24 UTC 2016

Hi all,
We've finished building TOR on QUIC and everything works fine with chutney.
However, we have an issue with the node availability when we test on real
networks. We need this to work in order to evaluate the effect of HOL
blocking with QuicTor vs. Tor.


   1. When using our QuicTor and normal TOR* without path restriction*,
   warning messages like: [warn] Failed to find node for hop 1 of our path.
   Discarding this circuit. Keeps showing up but the node would actually reach
   100% bootstrap and all file transfer functionalities work fine.
   2. However, our real issue is when I *restrict the path selection* to 3
   pre-determined nodes for all exit circuits, the client will not reach 100%
   anymore and keeps hanging at 85% (or 80% sometimes).
   3. We've thoroughly tested path restriction with chutney and it works.

Our network has 11 nodes: 3 clients and 8 relays (2 of which are
authorities). We already have assumeReachable and I've tuned up voting
frequencies, just like chutney's default config. Any other configuration
flag that could help propagating router availability info?

Any idea at all?
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