[tor-dev] Tor Volunteer - Censorship analyser

Lucia Di Marco luciadml12 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 21:33:54 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

my name is Lucia and I am a computer science student from UPC, Spain. I am
also starting my final year project and I chose to develop the Censorship
Analyser you had in the volunteer's page.

A month ago I realize that this project idea was gone and I asked Philipp
Winter about it. He told me that it is not listed as he cannot spend time
on it, but I really wanted to do a project to help Tor community.

My questions here are only two: do you think this project is not needed
anymore now we have a lot of recent data about censorship in other
countries (OONI Explorer) and other tools? If I develop this software (I
will probably do it even if the answer to the first question is "yes"), can
I ask the Tor community (tor-dev?) for help in testing and improving

I will not ask it a lot as I have my project director and some friends of
the college who will help me, but I think it would be great if more people
test it as it will be more robust and adapted to Tor community needs.

A quick review about the project: it will be a tool like OONI scripts but
more basic and without using tor. It will also be more difficult to detect
as I will study how to avoid being noticed by surveillance systems and with
DPI methods for example.
Also it will be user friendly, as one of its purpose is to reach all kind
of users.

Thanks for your time,
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