[tor-dev] iObfs: obfs4proxy on iOS

Mike Tigas mike at tig.as
Mon Mar 28 03:30:44 UTC 2016

Yawning Angel:
>> > iObfs is an effort to build obfs4proxy for iOS and to also build out
>> > some techniques for actually making it usable within other
>> > Tor-enabled iOS apps. You may have heard me or n8fr8 discuss the idea
>> > at the dev meeting a few weeks ago. I'm not in love with the name I
>> > gave it (it's a placeholder that stuck around), but such is life. The
>> > repository is currently hosted at [1].
>> > 
>> > [1]: https://github.com/mtigas/iObfs
> Why stick with Go.  obfs4 as a protocol isn't exactly complicated and
> I've provided the tricky bits of crypto in a few places to make it
> possible to implement in other languages...

Partially out of limited time to work on this and limited time to
maintain anything larger than this "glue" I'm trying to put together.

I would love to port obfs4proxy to Swift or another one of the
memory-safe(er) languages. But it's a heavier lift than I can take on
right now (also because the stdlib and ecosystem there is not quite as
mature as in Go). (I'm also trying to avoid writing more Obj-C going
forward, and don't trust myself to write these bits in C/C++.)

For now I'm just *much* more comfortable building the contraption to fit
the square peg to the round hole, than building the new peg from
scratch. It's suboptimal, but I'm also partially doing this to see if
it's feasible via the Go mobile tools, without too much mess.

Mike Tigas
@mtigas | https://mike.tig.as/ | 0xA993E7156E0E9923

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