[tor-dev] GSoC'16 proposal: the Torprinter project (a Panopticlick-like website)

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Tue Mar 22 17:35:45 UTC 2016

Pierre Laperdrix:
> Thanks for the valuable feedback!
> It would be great to have the features that you cite into the website.
> For the first version, my point of view is to mainly focus on the added
> value for developers which is to add/remove tests easily and get the
> relevant data as easily as possible for them. With that, they can make
> decisions on what to do next inside the Tor browser. For subsequent
> versions, focusing on users could be really interesting if the rest
> proves to be solid and stable.

Makes sense. My main worry is that some users will be using it, even
if it's aimed at developers, and that quickly we will find ourselves
having to repeat over and over “we know about this issue, the fix is
more complicated than it seems, we're on it, but if you really worry
just switch the security slider to high”.

As long as you have that in mind, and there's a basic way to display
messages for users—this could just be a link to a wiki page—I think
it'll be ok to add fancy stuff later.

> For the internationalization, the framework that I plan to use (either
> Play or Django) supports it through templating. This means that anyone
> can contribute to the translation without writing a line of HTML. The
> main file will be in English and I'll probably do the one in French at
> the same time. One contributor who wants to help will just have to take
> the English file and translate each line without having to find
> scattered hardcoded strings through different HTML files.

Great! :) As long as it's properly i18nized, localizations can come
later. Although doing a first localization while i18ning might help you
spot missing strings.

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